Effects of Chlorine Bleach on Skin

Chlorine bleach is an effective cleanser with many uses. However, bleach has been proven to cause adverse effects to skin, eyes and even respiratory systems. Chlorine bleach and ammonia, when used together, can have very harmful effects on the body.


Chlorine bleach is used to brighten white laundry and to remove stains and odors on non-porous surfaces.

Harmful Effects

Severe skin and eye irritations and even chemical burns can occur as a result of contact with chlorine bleach and skin. Prolonged exposure to chlorine on skin can result in painful chemical burns.


Use a gentle cleanser to soak damaged skin. Moisturize with a gentle lotion to prevent drying and redness. If damage is extensive, consult a doctor for treatment.


Wear gloves when using chlorine bleach and only use it in a well-vented area to prevent damage to the respiratory system.


Clean with all-natural cleaners made with non-toxic ingredients.