How to Use a Roach Fogger

A roach fogger is a powerful poison dispenser that sends concentrated bug poison into the air to cover an entire room to kill bugs. A bug fogger is helpful for getting poison into all of those tiny crevices that roaches can hide in, but roach foggers can be dangerous.

The fumes from a bug fogger are flammable, and care must be taken to avoid fires and health problems when using these devices.

  1. Purchase a bug fogger that is made for the room size that the fogger will be used in. Each type of roach fogger is made for a specific size area. Choosing one that will fill an area larger than the room you will fog can fill the room with too many fumes, posing a fire hazard.

  2. Open any cabinet or closet doors in the room for complete penetration.

  3. Cover all food items and food preparation tools along with toys with a towel.

  4. Turn off any fans and air conditioning and heating systems.

  5. Turn off flames and pilot lights.

  6. Place newspaper under the bug fogger. This will help protect the area immediately under the fogger form staining the floor. It's also best to place it on a table in the middle of the room.

  7. Keep the fogger six feet away from any incendiary devices.

  8. Evacuate the home, including pets. No one should be inside the building when the bug fogger is detonated. Once everyone is gone, shake the fogger well and activate it according to the directions on the can. Most bug foggers have a tab to remove or a cap to twist to set off the fogger.

  9. Leave immediately once the fogger is activated. Keep everyone out of the building for at least four hours. Some roach foggers specify a longer time to remain out of the building. Follow the manufacturer's time frame to avoid health problems from the fumes.

  10. Ventilate the house as soon as you return. Open the doors and windows to allow the fumes to escape. Turn a fan or air conditioning unit on to move the pesticide out of the space. Remain outside for another 30 minutes until the fumes completely dissipate.