What Birdseed Do You Feed Wrens?

G.D. Palmer

Wrens are primarily New World birds in the Troglodytidae family, with one species occurring in Europe. These small, inconspicuous birds are notable for their complex songs. They often are seen in fields and among shrubs, and will gladly use human-provided nest boxes.

Wrens are small birds that eat mostly insects.

Wild Diet

Wrens are primarily insectivorous, and don't often appear at bird feeders. In the wild, wrens eat spiders, beetles, caterpillars, flies and other insects. They also will consume snail shells to provide calcium and digestive grit. Wrens will eat nuts, seeds and berries when insects are unavailable.


These birds are rare visitors to feeders, and are most likely to consume seed in the winter, when other food supplies are scarce. Black oil sunflower seed, peanut hearts and nutmeats are the best seed to attract winter wrens.


Wrens also may consume suet cakes, with or without seed, in the colder months. Place the cake in a suet feeder to prevent squirrels and larger birds from stealing it.