How to Glue Sheet Vinyl

Installing sheet vinyl is not just a job for professionals. Many do-it-yourselfers are adding sheet vinyl installation to their bag of tricks. The first thing you need to know is whether you are installing a full-bond floor or a perimeter-bond floor.

A full-bond floor requires spreading sheet vinyl adhesive across the entire sub-floor, while a perimeter-bond floor only needs adhesive around the edges.

Full Gond

  1. Clean the sub-floor by sweeping or vacuuming. Dirt and debris will mix in with the adhesive and hamper its ability to stick.

  2. Lay the sheet vinyl down without adhesive.

  3. Pull back half of the sheet vinyl flooring. Using a notched trowel, spread vinyl adhesive over half of the floor. A thin layer will be sufficient. Too much adhesive will leave bumps in the floor and get pushed out around the edges when pressing the floor into place. If working with more than one sheet of vinyl, work with one sheet at at time.

  4. Lay the first half of sheet vinyl back down into place. Repeat adding adhesive on the other side of the room. If working with multiple sheets of vinyl flooring, work on glueing one sheet at a time.

Perimeter Bond

  1. Clean the sub-floor by sweeping or vacuuming.

  2. Lay the flooring down, without adhesive.

  3. Spread adhesive around sheet vinyl perimeters. If using more than one piece of sheet vinyl, spread glue along the seams and roll the seams with a J-roller or wallpaper seam roller. Working systematically, lift up sheet vinyl and apply glue around the edges, pressing down as you go.

  4. Use a roller to roll the sheet vinyl flat. Start in the center of the room and roll in a forward and backward motion. Remove any excess adhesive from around the edges. Rolling the floor removes air bubbles and bumps from under the floor giving your sheet vinyl a flat appearance.

  5. Tip

    Before you start, find out how long the sheet vinyl adhesive needs to sit before you lay the flooring on it. That will allow you to gauge how quickly you need to work. If you wait too long, the adhesive won't work.