How to Use Insecticide Foggers

Use insecticide foggers to kill or repel bugs inside the home. Preparations in the home must be made prior to setting off the foggers. Safety should come first; in New York State, seven people were injured in a restaurant when someone set off 36 insecticide bombs at once near pilot lights, causing an explosive fire.

Plan on leaving the house for at least four hours while the fogger does its work. Each type of fogger sold says on the label how many square feet it treats; use no more than the number necessary to treat the square footage of your home.

  1. Remove pets from the home and secure them in an area outside or in a separate building. If you have an aquarium, turn off its filter. You can leave the fish in the aquarium as long as it's covered.

  2. Open all the cupboards so the poison can penetrate. Cover the dishes and food with plastic dust covers.

  3. Spread newspapers or plastic covers over waxed hardwood floors, polished wooden furniture, and electronic equipment such as stereos and computers.

  4. Shut all windows and doors. Turn off fans, heaters, and air conditioners.

  5. Turn off or unplug anything that might ignite. If you have gas appliances, such as a heater, stove, or water heater, shut off the pilot lights. If you are not sure how to extinguish a pilot light, call your local gas company and ask for assistance.

  6. In the center of the room to be fogged, place a chair or small table. Cover this with newspaper or plastic. Place the fogger on the covered chair or table.

  7. Set off the sprayer; most work by folding in a plastic tab, then pressing down on the sprayer pad to get it started. Get out of the room right away and shut the door.

  8. Have all family members and pets stay out of the house for at least four hours. Upon return, open the windows and allow fresh air to flow through for another 30 minutes before letting people back inside.

  9. Upon re-entry, spray food preparation areas with multi-purpose cleaner and wipe with paper towels to get rid of pesticide.

  10. Tip

    Always read the fogger's label directions, as the directions can vary slightly by brand.