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How to Bullnose Porcelain Tile

Sarabeth Asaff

Porcelain tiles have a color through clay body, which means that the color, design and veining go through the tile, like natural stone. They make an excellent surface covering for any room of the home.

Create a bullnose edge on porcelain tiles on a wall.

Since the color goes through the tile, a bullnose edge can be applied to the tile, to make a finished end for a row of wall tile. When the tile being used does not have a bullnose tile available for purchase, or if a full tile with a bullnosed edge will work better for design, it is possible to bullnose the edge of the tile yourself.

  1. Cut the tile with the tile saw to the size it will be installed as.

  2. Change out the blade on the tile saw to a bullnose blade, which will remove the bulk of the material from the edge of the tile.

  3. Place the tile on the saw so that the edge of the tile to be bullnosed lines up with the indented area of the bullnose blade. Push the tile into the blade several times until the bulk of the material on the edge of the tile has been removed, and a curved edge has appeared.

  4. Use the angle grinder fitted with a polishing pad to smooth out and finish the bullnose edge. Move the grinder up and down on the edge, as well as along the length; never hold the grinder in one place as this can etch the tile. Always keep the grinder moving.

  5. Tip

    Practice putting a bullnose edge on some scrap pieces of tile first. The process can take some getting used to, so save the tiles to be installed until after you've perfected the technique.