How to Get Rid of Garter Snakes in Your House

Finding a garter snake in your house can be quite an unpleasant surprise. Snakes often look for a warm setting to sleep or eat. The question becomes not why the snake came inside but how it got there. Ultimately, once the snake goes away, you should concentrate on avoiding a return visit.

Remove garter snakes
  1. Call animal control to remove the snake. Even if you think it’s a garter snake, you may be wrong. Animal-control employees know how to deal with snakes, so let them handle removal.

  2. Take a walk through the backyard. Clean up any clutter, such as leaf piles. Mow the lawn and trim bushes close to the house. There should be no loose woodpiles on the ground. Snakes like to hide; removing their hiding places will encourage them to move.

  3. Look around the foundation of your house. The snake got into your house so there must be an opening. Fill any cracks in the foundation. Close the windows. Try to figure out how the snake made it into the house and fix it.

  4. Call an exterminator. Snakes need to eat. You may be enticing them with mice or insects in your home. Have the exterminator remove their food source so they have no reason to come into the house to eat.

  5. Lay out snake-repellent products. Go to the hardware store or even a pet store and ask what you should use to keep the snakes away. Make sure to let the clerk know if you have pets or small children. Some possible choices include mothball flakes or sulfur.