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How to Kill Armored Bugs

Carrie Terry

If you have any grass or plants on your property, there's a good chance that you've noticed armored bugs, or stink bugs, crawling around in the vegetation. Worse, these bugs can invade your house. These beetle-like creatures can reach an inch in length and are protected by a hard exoskeleton. This "armor"

Armor bugs can be both garden and household pests.

is incredibly difficult to break, which makes the bugs hard to kill. To get rid of large numbers of armored bugs, take some more serious steps.

  1. Seal your house to keep any more bugs from getting inside and to keep pesticide fumes from getting in. Make sure all doors and windows have tight seals, and search the bases of any outdoor walls for holes through which bugs might enter. Seal holes with cement sealant. Always follow manufacturer directions regarding safety and usage.

  2. Use pesticide on the outside walls of your house. Cypermethrin is an insecticide that acts as a neurotoxin to insects and will kill stink and armor bugs. Follow manufacturer directions for mixing and applying insecticide safely.

  3. Spray the insecticide throughout the surrounding area if your armor bug infestation is serious. Concentrate on areas where you see many of the bugs and on the undersides of leaves, where bugs lay their eggs.


Armored and stink bugs are like moths in that they're attracted to the light and warmth of your house. The best time to spray for bugs is in the fall, before they move into the house.


Pesticides are poisonous, and can be dangerous to animals and beneficial insects.

Squishing armored and stink bugs can cause them to release a noxious smell.