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Premise Vs. Termidor

Greg Seltz
Table of Contents

Termidor and Premise are two reputable insecticide brands used to eliminate termites. Also known as termiticides, these products do not act as a repellent, but instead as a lethal barrier to prevent termites from accessing the home or property.

The concept is to create a perimeter by applying the products to the soil around the property in order to restrict subterranean movement by the termites.


Both Premise and Termidor perform similarly. When applied to the soil, Premise and Termidor create a protective barrier around the property to ensure termites do not invade and inflict damage on wooden structures. Both products are non-repellent. The product may be ingested by termites and then transferred via social interaction. Eventually, those exposed will stop feeding and soon die.


The active ingredient found in Termidor is Fipronil. This insecticide disrupts the central nervous system of the termite and slowly poisons the recipient. Premise, on the other hand, contains a high percentage of the ingredient Imidacloprid. This chemical is an insecticide spray and occasionally acts as a seed treatment in agriculture. It too affects the nervous system of insects and small pests.


Though both Premise and Termidor provide similar results, it is difficult to determine which product is better. Termidor, for one, has been rated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as the No. 1 termiticide on the market. Results have shown to be 100 percent effective. The manufacturer of Premise, Bayer, will provide unsatisfied customers a 100 percent reimbursement for product and labor costs. Though Termidor has remained in existence longer, Premise is significantly cheaper.


Liquid termiticides such as Premise and Termidor provide outstanding results when trenching or properly treating soil. In addition to controlling subterranean termite movement, these insecticides may also be sprayed directly on wood-based structures. The Premise and Termidor soil treatment chemicals have been known to remain effective many years after the initial attack has been eliminated.


Though both Termidor and Premise are not considered hazardous via human contact, the aforementioned ingredients may inflict health risks if consumed. Those who orally ingest may experience side effects such as drowsiness and disorientation. Pets consuming the product may have similar reactions, though small dosages are hardly considered fatal. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the active ingredients may present “potential” ground water contamination.