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Definition of Chemical Pest Control

Anusia Ramadhan
Table of Contents

Chemical pest controllers are pesticides used to destroy and eliminate annoying pests that contain chemicals unsafe for human consumption; some can be accidentally swallowed, absorbed through the skin or inhaled. Pesticides have variable toxicity rates.

Definition of Chemical Pest Control


Pests controlled by chemicals include termites, ants, roaches, cockroaches and beetles.


Malathion is an insecticide mainly used for agricultural purposes, and is effective at repelling the mosquito.

Dangers of Chemical Pest Control

Malathion has been linked to brain damage and birth defects because of its ability to destroy certain DNA cells. If a person is exposed to high doses of malathion, the nervous system can be affected, causing nausea, dizziness and other symptoms.

Fun Fact

It is against the law to say that pesticides are safe to use, because if it is a classified pesticide, it will always be toxic to humans.

Fun Fact

Over 136 million pounds of pesticides are used every year by American families.


Mosquito bites can cause bumps, fever and rashes that could indicate something serious, like malaria or dengue fever.