How to Cover an Ugly Bathroom Light Fixture

Gryphon Adams

Most of the time, a bathroom light fixture goes unnoticed. If you are redecorating or have reached the point where you cannot stand to look at the old lighting fixture any longer, you can create a cover.

This bare bathroom light fixture could use improvement.

One inexpensive and heat-safe option provides an attractive means to hide the old fixture and add style to the bathroom.

  1. Look at replacement fixtures to assess your options. Home improvement stores and online suppliers carry replacement bathroom light fixtures in a wide variety of styles. If you opt not to replace it, you will see how much money you are saving by covering the light fixture yourself.

  2. Purchase some theatrical lighting gel. This product creates color for theatrical lighting design. Obtain it from a theatrical supply store or order it online. Choose a color you will like for the bathroom. Pink and amber enhance most skin tones. The darker the gel, the more color it gives the light and the more it hides the light fixture.

  3. Take down the light fixture if it sticks out from the wall or ceiling. If it is a recessed or flat fixture--at the top of a medicine cabinet, for example--measure it.

  4. Wrap the gel around the fixture to cover it. You can cover the entire ugly fixture because theatrical lighting gel will not present a fire danger. Depending on the shape, you can wrap it like a present by folding the gel or like a gift sack--similar to using a piece of gift wrap to cover a wine bottle and tying it at the top.

  5. Wrap the wire around the base of the light fixture. Cut the extra gel off evenly at the base or flare it out for a decorative effect. Cut the gel into flower petals, sun rays or other shapes for extra flare, if desired. You also could add a second layer of gel in a contrasting color to make it look like a fuchsia flower or other two-tiered art object.

  6. Cut the gel to measure for a flat or recessed light fixture and use double-sided tape to attach it around the edges of the fixture. You can add decorative shapes out of gel as in step 6.

  7. Tip

    Change bathroom light fixture bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs to save money on energy. Buy additional gel colors to change the bathroom fixture color for different seasons, holidays or parties. You can use a picture frame to cover a recessed lighting fixture, if desired.


    Do not use flammable glues or paints near wiring or incandescent light bulbs.