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Residential Coal Storage Ideas

Jose Leiva

Coal is combustible sedimentary rock found in coal beds. The brownish-black or black rocks are layers of petrified plant matter. Coal is used as fuel to heat homes, cook food and create steam, among other things.

Coal is a valuable fuel source for millions of people.

Since coal is waterproof and not attractive to insects, mold or other bacteria, storing coal in your home is easy and inexpensive.


Coal purchased for residential use in old stoves, furnaces or fireplaces typically comes in heavy duty, paper or plastic reinforced bags. Because these bags are so strong and durable, you can store your coal in them and hide the bags away just about anywhere.

Trash Bins

If you use a lot of coal and purchase it in boxes or big sacks, you may want to store it in a trash bin. You'll take up less room than stacking bags of coal. Use any trash receptacle that's sturdy enough to handle lots of coal.

Coal Bunkers

Coal bunker are built specifically to hold coal. They can be made of plastic or wood and are usually available at most hardware stores. Upright coal bunkers are usually tall, rectangular-shaped and thin so they're ideal for home that don't have a lot of space.