How to Apply Wood Sealer

Wood sealers are important for ensuring long-lasting care of wood decking or furniture. Wood sealer will seal the stain you have applied to your wood. Sealing wood is not difficult; it takes about as long as staining and provides added protection against the elements.

Seal your wood to protect it from the elements.

Because of these protective properties, sealing your wood is especially important for wood that stays outside.

  1. Clean your wood furniture or deck using an oxygen bleach solution. If it is dirty and weathered, this step is especially important. Prepare the solution by mixing 6 oz. of bleach per gallon of water. Apply the solution to the wood with a hand pump sprayer. Let the solution set for 10 to 15 minutes. Use a rag to scrub the wood lightly. Rinse off the oxygen bleach solution.

  2. Choose a sealer designed for your type of wood. For example, some wood sealers are made especially for redwood and cedar. If the wood will be placed outside, use a sealer specifically designed to protect against weather.

  3. Use a clean, synthetic bristle brush to apply the sealer. Work on wood that is completely dry. Use a thin coat and work in long brush strokes against the wood grain.

  4. Allow the sealer to dry completely.

  5. Apply a second coat if needed.