How to Trap a Smart Mouse

A mouse in the house is a terrible nuisance, but when you come across a mouse who keeps outsmarting you, then it gets ugly. After all, a rodent that eats, poops and sleeps should be easy to get rid of as humanely as possible, and yet you can’t.

Outsmart a mouse in your home using peanut butter and a trap.

Before you call the pest control guys, try using a few common household items.

  1. Use a spring-loaded trap. Set up the trap but do not release the trigger. You want the mouse to get used to seeing this gadget around without hurting him.

  2. Use heavier bait instead of smaller pieces of bait that are easy for the mouse to carry away. Try a larger chunk of cheese or a glob of peanut butter. The heavier bait will still lure the mouse; however, the mouse won’t be able to take off with it, so there's a better chance that it will be trapped.

  3. Allow the mouse to get the bait without a problem for a couple of days.

  4. Release the trigger on the trap so that it can trap the mouse the next time it bites the bait.

  5. Check the trap at least once a day.

  6. Consider hiding all food. Do not let food smells linger in your dining room or kitchen. Buy air-tight plastic containers and keep food, including cereal boxes and snacks, in these containers. Your smart mouse will go away on his own if he can’t find food.

  7. Tip

    Check the perimeter of your house for any junk and holes. Mice like to go in and out of the house, and they usually use the area in your house with a lot of junk or stacks of unused items to hide in.