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How to Make a Blowgun from Bamboo

Serena Styles

Making a blowgun out of bamboo is a simple task that has been perfected by many generations of our human ancestors. According to James Stuart Koch, owner of blowgun makers Alchem Incorporated, bamboo is one of the best natural structures to craft a blowgun from because of its uniform hollow structure.

Bamboo stalks are long and straight, providing the perfect material for a blowgun.

The one hang-up in crafting bamboo blowguns is the solid structure that grows at the node, or joint, of the bamboo plant. However, with a few simple tools and 25 minutes to spare, a bamboo blowgun gun can be quickly and easily crafted.

Bamboo Blowgun

  1. Locate a bamboo stalk that is between 3 to 8 feet in length and 1 inch in diameter. Be sure that it has no cracks along the stalk.

  2. Put on the oven mitts and light the gas stove. The flame should be medium height so that it quickly heats the iron rod. The rod should be slightly smaller in diameter than the inside of the bamboo stalk.

  3. Hold the iron rod firmly at one end and heat the opposite end in the flame of the gas stove. Hold in the flame until the heated end is glowing red.

  4. Lightly push the heated end of the iron rod into the end of the bamboo stalk, burning away the solid structure within.

  5. Continue heating the iron rod and burning away the solid structure within the bamboo stalk until you are half-way through. Turn the bamboo stalk over and repeat the process from the other side.

  6. Once the bamboo stalk is completely hollowed out, allow the blowgun to cool for at least 15 minutes before use.

  7. Warning

    Blowguns are dangerous weapons. Never point or shoot a blowgun at anyone--the impact can be lethal.

    Never allow a child to perform this craft unsupervised.

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