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What Are Buss Fuses Used For?

Shellie Braeuner

Buss fuses are electrical fuses patented by the Bussmann company. Today there are hundreds of different Buss fuses in a variety of shapes and sizes that are used in virtually every electrical appliance, cars, outlets and, of course, fuse boxes.

Buss fuses are a vital part of any electric circuit.


The Bussmann brothers founded the Bussmann company. By 1923, Harry Bussmann acquired the first two patents for the company. Both patents were for fuses. The company now has well over 3,000 patents for a variety of electrical devices, but fuses are still a major part of their inventory.


Fuses are a safety device. They prevent electrical products from overheating or possibly catching fire. Some fuses cut the circuit by melting the conducting metal. Others will cause the metal to warp of bend when overheated, breaking the circuit. But as the metal cools, it "re-sets" and re-connects both points and completes the circuit.


Always be sure to get the proper size fuse for the circuit. A Buss fuse that is rated too low for the circuit will burn out. But if the fuse is rated too high, it will allow more power than the circuit can handle and will be a fire hazard. At no time should fuses be ignored or worked around.