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Mobile Home Landscaping Ideas

Maggie McCormick
Table of Contents

Landscaping around any home involves choosing the types of plants and flowers that you find most appealing, but those who live in mobile homes may have special challenges. Create a landscaping plan for your lawn, and present it to the mobile home park owners.

Landscaping around your mobile home can reflect your personality.

Mobile home parks often have rules and regulations that can prevent you from incorporating certain elements in your lawn, especially without prior park approval.


Shrubbery can form the foundation of your landscaping plan, serving to anchor the rest of your design. You could use shrubs along the outside of your mobile home if you don't want to spend a lot of time caring for your landscaping. You could also use them at the beginning or all along the pathway to your home. If your park does not allow fencing, shrubbery can be a good way to provide some privacy--choose tall shrubs to screen your home.


You'll likely need a small pathway that goes from your driveway to the front door. If you think there's a chance that you would move your mobile home to another park sometime in the future, make your path out of something more temporary, such as bricks or concrete pads. You can purchase these in a variety of shapes and colors--they easily fit together to form patterns. If you plan to be there permanently, you could pour concrete to form the path. Consider trimming the paths with flowers. Strawberry plants are pretty and bear fruit, which can help you make the most of your limited space.


Fertilizer and lawn seed will help your lawn look great, especially if the previous owner of the land didn't pay much attention. In some parks, the management will mow the lawn for you, but in most, you'll have to do it yourself. Many mobile home parks offer free water included in the lot rent price, so take advantage of this to water your lawn often.

Around the Mobile Home

The two feet surrounding your mobile home is where you're most likely to place flowers. Track the sun's movements for a day, so that you know which areas are sunny and which are shady, to choose the correct plants for the area. Purchase a garden border to place about two feet away from the home, and place your flowers or plants inside this small garden area. Pay special attention to the area that faces the road--in a single wide home, this is probably the shorter area, so you won't have much space to impress. Create a tiered look, with the high plants close to your home and low plants farther away.


In a mobile home, you're likely to have unsightly fixtures, such as electrical boxes and water meters scattered throughout your yard. Hide these fixtures by purchasing a hollow stone that goes over them. Alternatively, incorporate the area into your landscaping design by placing flowers around the base. You may also have to store your garbage cans outside, because you won't have a garage to place them in. Build a small fenced area to hide the garbage cans.