What Are the Functions of a Mist Eliminator?

Mist eliminators are a type of air filtration system used in industrial locations. The sizes vary based on the building and the needs of the company, but they are larger than the standard filtration systems found in private homes. Mist eliminators are made with stainless steel, making cleaning easy.

Collect Water Droplets

Mist eliminators collect water from the air and minimize moisture. As a result of collecting water droplets, it minimizes and prevents mold. Collecting the water is one of the main functions of the mist eliminator.

Collect Oil Mist

Along with the water droplets, mist eliminators also collect oil mist. Collecting oil is another main function of the eliminator. Industrial businesses and buildings have oil mist that gets into the air along with the water. Mist eliminators collect both substances and remove them from an air system.

Divert Liquids to Separate Drains

Once the water and oil are collected, the mist eliminator separates the liquids and sends them to different drainage systems. The water goes into one drain, while the oil goes into another drain.

Remove Particles From The Air

While the main functions are water and oil removal and diversion of liquids to different drainage systems, a minor function of the mist eliminator is removing particles from the air system. Mist eliminators are a type of air filtration system, so dust particles and allergens are sometimes removed from the air as well.