The Best Insecticide for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small insects that live inside mattresses, box springs, in baseboards and in fabrics, including clothes. Treating a bed bug infestation requires the use of an insecticide spray that kills the bugs on contact.

Bed bugs can live in your bed and surrounding areas.


The best bed bug insecticide is actually a combination of multiple products that treat the problem, even after you’re used it. This includes a fogger, spray and dust.


Begin by using a fogger in your home, such as BP-100 Plus. This reaches hidden areas of your home, including the carpets and baseboards. Then you need to use a bed bug spray like Suspend SC or another spray that contains deltamethrin. Bed bug dust like Drione Dust is then applied to the flooring, baseboards and bedding. The dust continues killing the bed bugs for weeks after it is applied.


You must treat all areas of your house or affected area when a bed bug infestation occurred. This includes cleaning all of your clothing, reducing the clutter where the bed bugs live and looking for signs of a future infestation.