Plants for an Office With No Windows

Melissa Lewis

Offices with windows are a rarity in some work buildings with windowless offices and cubicles becoming the norm. If you’re looking for an indoor plant to liven up your office space, choose one that still grows well in low light levels.

Chinese evergreens grow well in low light conditions.

If possible though, place your plants near a lamp or under fluorescent lighting because that will help improve its growth.

Arrowhead Vine

Arrowhead vine (Syngonium podophyllum) tolerates low light and will grow as a small, bushy plant in low light conditions. Its green leaves are variegated, which means there are different shades of green on the leaves.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema modestum) is a plant with green variegated leaves that range in hue from light to dark green. It tolerates very low light. It also tolerates low humidity, as is common in offices. Depending on the variety and growing conditions, such as water and fertilizer, a Chinese evergreen can grow up to 3 feet high.

Snake Plant

According to the University of Vermont Extension, the snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) is among the easiest to care for and most tolerant and adaptable houseplant. It is a flowering plant, but in offices without windows, unless it is under a light source, it may not bloom. There are many varieties of snake plants and some can grow as tall as 4 feet and as wide as 3 feet.


Many ferns, such as Boston, Dallas, holly and birds nest ferns, tolerate low light conditions that are indicative of offices with no windows. In general, keep the soil moist and spray them daily with a mist of spray because most ferns prefer a moist environment.