How to Cut Galvanized Steel

Aaron Ratliff

Galvanized steel has been in use in the United States since 1870, and can be found in most houses that were constructed prior to the 1950s. Galvanized steel is still a popular option for roofing and siding on commercial and residential buildings.

Cutting galvanized metal requires special tools to ensure smooth and precise cuts.

When cutting galvanized steel, it can be challenging to produce a smooth clean-cut edge. With the proper tools, you can cut both galvanized pipes and sheets with precision.

Cutting Galvanized Pipe

  1. Secure the pipe in either a pipe vise or a solid bench vise.

  2. Place the rotary pipe cutter on the galvanized pipe, centering the line you need to cut with the blade of the cutter.

  3. Apply cutting oil and tighten the knurled handle of the pipe cutter until the blade touches the pipe.

  4. Turn the cutter in a circular motion, tightening the knurled handle with each revolution, until the pipe has been cut. Add oil as needed during the process.

  5. Smooth any rough edges with a steel reamer.

Cutting Galvanized Sheets

  1. Clamp the sheet of galvanized metal securely using a bench vice with your guide lines facing up.

  2. Use a circular saw fitted with a 7 1/4-inch fiber blade to cut the galvanized metal, following your guide lines.

  3. Smooth any rough edges with a steel reamer.

  4. Warning

    Gloves and protective eyewear should be worn at all times when cutting galvanized metal.

    Always wear a proper mask to protect your airways when cutting galvanized metal with a circular saw or any other powered device.