Homemade Heated Snow Removal

Cameron Burry

Getting rid of snow can be an awful chore if you do not have the proper tools. However, snow blowers can be expensive to purchase and operate, and shoveling can be tiresome and physically strenuous, not to mention that it does not actually get rid of the snow but merely moves it.

Snow can make traveling from your home difficult.

The best way to get rid of snow is to heat it. There are many cost-efficient ways to do this right from your own home.

  1. Use a standard hair dryer. This is the most basic way to get rid of snow without having to buy anything else. Though it may be tedious, especially if you have a larger driveway, it will eliminate the snow entirely, leaving only a little warm water. This is not the best way to remove snow by heat, but it is one of the only ways to do it without spending money on other appliances.

  2. Use space heaters. Clearing a small section of the side of the driveway and setting a space heater on it can clear a five-foot radius of snow in minutes. This is a good way to do it because many families will have a space heater somewhere around the house. Using several space heaters will do the job much faster than just using one and moving it around.

  3. Purchase some heating lamps. These are usually long lamps that produce a fair amount of heat through special bulbs. You can run these along your driveway and turn them on to clear your driveway in minutes. These are usually used for industrial purposes; however, some families still have them around the house, though they may not be of the highest quality.