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How to Replace a Flat Tire on an MTD Snow Blower 5 ML

Steven Diggs, Jr.

Snow blower tires are durable, allowing owners to plow snow on nearly any terrain. That does prevent the tire from accumulating wear and tear, however. Eventually the tire will wear down, requiring it to be replaced as a can of tire sealant will not work on an old, dilapidated tire. When replacing a tire, be sure that the replacement is a comparable tire that is listed in the owner's manual. As always, wear safety goggles and gloves during tire replacement to avoid injury.

Lookout for sharp objects that can puncutre a tire.
  1. Seal the gas cap with a piece of plastic wrap. This will prevent the cap from spilling gasoline onto the road or driveway.

  2. Lift the snow blower onto the auger blades. You might need another person to help lift the mower. The blower will now be standing upright on its front.

  3. Pull the black, rubber cap off the flat tire's center. Under it will be a 5/8-inch bolt.

  4. Unscrew the bolt with the 5/8-inch wrench. Slide the bolt and the washer underneath it off the blower. Slide the tire off the axle gently.

  5. Position the flat-head screwdriver between the tire and the metal rim and pry the tire off.

  6. Place a new tire around the rim. Make sure it is fits tightly around the rim before going forward.

  7. Place the tire on the axle. Place the washer over the exposed axle and tighten the bolt over it. Place the rubber cap over the bolt.