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How to Adjust the Pressure Regulator on a Kenmore Stove Range

Greg Lindberg

If you're one of the lucky folks whose Kenmore range can be adjusted to accommodate low-pressure, or LP, gas or natural gas, you'll be happy to know it's an extremely simple thing to do. You may prefer LP gas, such as liquid propane stored in a tank just outside your home, to natural gas from your home's gas line, or vice versa. With this Kenmore stove, you get to choose which fuel you'll use.

Step 1

Turn off the electrical power to the range at the circuit breaker.

Step 2

Move the stove away from the wall and turn the gas supply valve to "Off."

Step 3

Pull the bottom drawer out, lift up to dislodge it and remove the drawer from the appliance.

Step 4

Locate the pressure regulator, which is the cylinder knob at the bottom right side the stove, and lift off its dust protector.

Step 5

Insert a slotted screwdriver into the crevice behind the gas pressure regulator cap and press down to release it.

Step 6

Flip the cap over to convert the gas. Place the hollow end of the cap back onto the regulator if you want to use natural gas. Place the solid end of the cap onto the regulator if you want to use propane gas.

Step 7

Push down on the cap with your hand, then tighten it with an adjustable wrench.

Step 8

Slide the bottom drawer back into the stove. Turn the gas supply valve to "On" and turn the electricity back on at the breaker box.