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How to Convert LP to Natural Gas for a Magic Chef

Patrick Nelson

Magic Chef ovens have been sold by the Whirlpool Corporation and are virtually identical to Whirlpool’s common Estate range. Depending on the model range, cook tops can be supplied with three standard burners and a power burner or four standard burners. Because of the difference in supply pressure, natural gas -- gas that’s delivered through municipal pipes -- and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) or propane, that’s delivered in, or to, tanks, need different types of orifices at the burners and oven. If the Magic Chef has been converted to LPG, you can convert it back to natural gas.

If the Magic Chef has been converted to LPG, you can convert it back.

Step 1

Turn the manual shutoff to the “Off” position. The shutoff will be near the wall and is off when the valve is at right angles to the pipe. Then, unplug the power and open the broiler door and remove the broiler pan.

Step 2

Remove the cap from the gas pressure regulator at the back of the broiler on the right. Use the screwdriver but don’t remove the actual regulator or spring under the cap. Turn the cap over so that “NAT” shows, then reinstall the cap.

Step 3

Take off the burner grates, burner caps and burners by lifting them off. Then, remove the LP gas spuds with the wrench. You can identify them because they’ll look similar to the three natural gas spuds that are labeled “149” and one “165.” Insert the new spuds. The spud labeled “165” inserts in the power burner or the left, front burner.

Step 4

Convert the oven burner by lifting the oven burner and removing the oven orifice spud that’s behind the oven burner air shutter with the 3/8-inch wrench, then replace it with the spud labeled “47.”