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How to Repair a Craftsman Snow Blower Drive Belt

Steven Diggs, Jr.

A Craftsman snow blower drive belt requires a replacement after years of service. The belt will stretch, causing the propelled mower to not engage, making the user do all the work of pushing the snow blower around. However, with a new belt costing 30 dollars or less, replacement drive belts are cheap. Also, a new belt can be installed in about 30 minutes.

Clear a better path with a new drive belt.
  1. Place a piece of plastic wrap around the fuel cap. This will stop any gas from leaking out from around the cap.

  2. Unscrew the plastic belt cover on the front of the snow blower with your hands. Take the cover off. The belt is wrapped around a series of pulleys.

  3. Pull the belt out off the engine pulley, the top pulley. Loosen the bottom pulley with a 3/8 inch wrench. The belt will become loose and it will slide right off the pulley. Now the belt can slide off the final pulley with ease.

  4. Sit the snow blower on the auger housing. Locate the bottom plate under the motor. Unscrew the screws with your hands. Under the plate, the drive belt is wrapped around a pulley in between two discs. Remove it from the pulley and pull the belt away from the snow blower.

  5. Slide a new belt over the pulley in the underside of the snow blower. Place the rest of the belt inside the snow blower and screw the plate back onto the motor.

  6. Set the blower onto the tires. Feed the belt through the plastic belt cover pulleys. Place the plastic cover over the open section of the engine and screw into place with your hand.