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How to Use Turpentine to Clean Black Mold Off Exterior Wood

Lisa Wampler

Using a power washer to clean exterior wood does not remove black mold. The use of turpentine, however, can help remove black mold from bare wood surfaces where you want to avoid the whitening reaction bleach would have.

Turpentine commonly is used in wood varnish; therefore, it does not damage or stain wood if you use turpentine to kill black mold. If you choose to use turpentine to kill black mold, wear a respirator and rubber gloves as turpentine is a caustic chemical.

  1. Pour the turpentine into a spray bottle. You do not have to dilute it with water, but you may if you want. Do not add less than 70 percent turpentine or you risk not killing the black mold.

  2. Spray the turpentine onto the black mold.

  3. Scrub the black mold using a bristle scrub brush to remove the mold from the wood’s surface. Add additional turpentine as needed.

  4. Wipe the surface clean then dry with a towel.

  5. Tip

    Black mold stains a wood surface even after you remove the mold. If you need to remove the black stain, consider using bleach.