Can a Vinegar Solution Get Rid of Bedbugs?

Bedbugs are a problem that almost anyone can face because the bugs live in mattresses, furniture and even clothing. Vinegar is often recommended as a natural or organic way to treat bugs around the house, but no evidence exists to support the idea that it might kill bedbugs.

Bedbugs can hide deep in the seams of your mattress.


Bedbugs are often identified by the dark brown and black spots left behind on mattresses, box springs and other upholstered furniture pieces. You may also notice the dark brown bugs crawling on pillows or clothing, especially late at night.


According to the University of Kentucky, the most efficient way to control a bedbug outbreak is to treat all infested areas of the house. Wash all bedding and treat both walls and floors with a chemical spray designed to kill bedbugs.

Expert Insight

Treatment ideas that involve wetting down the mattress aren’t recommended, according to Ohio State University. When you use vinegar or any other type of liquid on fabric, including steam cleaners, you risk developing a mold or mildew problem and attracting mites.