Do Infrared Saunas Kill the Eggs of Parasites?

While the benefits of infrared saunas are numerous, sitting in one does not directly affect the eggs of any parasites you may be harboring.

Feeding Parasites

Infrared saunas rely on far-infrared radiant heat rather than the traditional steam method.Infrared saunas rely on far-infrared radiant heat rather than the traditional steam method.
Infrared saunas do have detoxifying effects, but the benefits are minimal when it comes to parasites. Everyone has parasites, but most healthy individuals' bodies keeps parasites in check. Parasites only become a problem and cause you to exhibit symptoms if your health declines and your body is unable to fight off the invaders. Working sauna time into your routine can help you maintain a healthy, strong immune system.

Parasites are attracted to the toxins present in the host body. By clearing your body of toxins, you can gradually kill the parasites. This does not prevent present eggs from hatching, but if there are no toxins for the new parasites to feed on, they will die. Infrared saunas encourage the cleansing of some toxins by heating up your body and inducing sweat. The toxins leave your body through your sweat glands.

Time Frame

If approaching parasite cleansing solely through cleansing the toxins from your system, you can expect it to take years. It is a gradual process of detoxifying your body and adopting a healthy lifestyle and diet habits that do not support the needs of a variety of parasites.


Many parasite cleanses are available in the market today, but most use harsh methods and potentially toxic medicines to flush your system. In addition, you are capable of harboring numerous species of parasites, which often means taking a specific treatment for each species. This can put a serious strain on your body.

Infrared Saunas

Parasite cleansing is not the only benefit of an infrared sauna experience. Sitting in an infrared sauna is ideal for limbering your body, helping you to be more flexible. Certain types of yoga integrate the use of saunas for whole-body wellness. While traditional steam saunas can put a strain on your heart because of the extreme heat, infrared saunas don't present the same risk; the heat from infrared saunas reaches 2 to 3 inches deep into body tissue.

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