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How to Care for a Zebra Skin

Sarah Coennen

Animal skins are a very popular export from Africa. There are several types of skin that can come from Africa including zebra, lion, tiger, antelope, and crocodile. There are several companies that can make rugs and other furniture out of various animal skins.

Caring for zebra skin is relatively easy, you just have to make sure that the skin does not get soaked or submerged.

  1. Vacuum or shake out rugs and other forms of zebra skin weekly. This will remove dirt and gritty substances like sand.

  2. Spray upholstery cleaner on spots and stains that are on the zebra skin and scrub with a soft wash cloth. Once the spot is clean, let it air dry.

  3. Keep heat sources away from the skin. This is to prevent burning the skin.

  4. Do not use harsh chemicals on zebra skin as it will damage and/or destroy the skin.

  5. Do not subject the zebra skin to extended bouts of sunlight as this can make it age faster.

  6. Do not submerge your zebra skin in any liquid whatsoever. To do so will cause the skin to shrink and ultimately destroy the skin.