How to Keep Birds From Building Nests in Gutters

Many bird species find the open, narrow spaces of rain gutters to be a perfect place to make their nests. Birds nesting in gutters can cause leaves and other litter to back up, clogging drainage and causing gutters to overflow and leak.

Many species of birds will build nests in rain gutters.

To keep birds from landing in areas near gutters and prevent them from nesting, apply a special gel that repels to landing birds. The gel comes in a tube that fits in a standard caulking gun and is applied along gutters and other places where birds land. The caustic material in the gel irritates the bird's feet, deterring them from landing.

  1. Remove any dirt or debris from the area to be treated. Allow the area to dry completely before applying the gel.

  2. Cut the tip of the gel tube off with a razor knife at a slight angle. Puncture the seal in the tip of the tube with a long nail. Insert the gel tube into the caulking gun.

  3. Place double-sided tape on the outer rim of the gutter, the inside bottom of the gutter and along the edges of any other areas where the gel will be applied.

  4. Apply a bead of the gel up to a 1/2-inch wide and high on the tape along the outer rim of the gutter. Apply another bead of the gel along the tape in the inside bottom of the gutter.

  5. Apply a bead up to 1-inch wide on the tape along the edges of wider surfaces nearby where birds may land.

  6. Remove old or dirty gel, after six to 12 months, by pulling up the double-sided tape with the gel on it from the treated area. Reapply the tape and gel, as needed.

  7. Tip

    Insert the nail into the end of the tube to close the tube and store any unused portion for later use.


    Bird repellent gel is a caustic substance that can irritate you skin. Handle the gel carefully.