My Shark Steam Iron Is Not Producing Steam

Sommer Leigh

Since the Shark steam iron's steaming function is one of this iron's main features, you want this function to actually work. With the Shark steam iron, you can use vertical or horizontal steam power at variable steam settings.

Although your iron may break or be defective right out of the box, steam issues are primarily caused by not selecting the right settings. Shark also recommends a few tricks to activate the steam function.

  1. Fill the water tank up to the "Max" line. Turn the steam control to "O" while refilling the tank.

  2. Set the temperature control to the highest setting after you fill the water tank. Place the iron on its heel, and let it heat up for about two minutes. It's ready when the temperature settings on the display light up to the selected setting. Set the steam control to the "Max" setting.

  3. Move the Shark steam iron from left to right a few times if it still doesn't produce steam when the correct settings are selected.

  4. Tap the soleplate's bottom on the ironing board a couple of times if the iron doesn't produce steam.

  5. Turn the steam control dial from "O" to "Max" a few times to activate the steam function.