How to Clean Rubber Toys

Elizabeth Arnold

Keeping your children's rubber bath toys clean is important as they could become a breeding ground for mold, germs and bacteria. Although the toys, such as rubber duckies and fish, are dunked in soapy bathwater on a daily basis, they can still become unsanitary if not properly cared for.

Clean and sanitize your child's rubber ducky on a regular basis.

Keeping rubber toys clean and sanitary is more eco-friendly than simply throwing them out when they get dirty. Put sanitizing rubber toys on your weekly housecleaning list so you don't forget the important chore.

  1. Squeeze the water out of rubber bath toys after each use. Rinse the toys with clean water and allow them to air-dry on a dry, absorbent towel.

  2. Clean the rubber toys in a dishwasher once a week. Run the dishwasher on a normal cycle with soap to remove any bacteria from the toys.

  3. Soak the rubber toys in a deep-cleaning vinegar solution once every two weeks. Fill your tub or a large bucket with three parts hot water and one part white distilled vinegar.

  4. Allow the rubber toys to soak in the vinegar solution for at least 10 minutes; soak them longer if they are really dirty or moldy. Scrub any areas with built-up dirt or bacteria with a small scrub brush. Rinse the toys with clean water and allow them to air-dry.