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How do I Diagnose Water Heater Problems in a Watkins Hot Tub?

Chyrene Pendleton

When you want to spend quiet times alone or with your friends and family, relaxing in a soothing, heated hot tub in your own backyard is the way to go. Watkins Manufacturing Corporation provides a large selection of hot tubs from the Jetsetter, which seats three people, to the Grandee, which seats seven.

Spray the filter with a garden hose to remove imbedded debris.

When your Watkins hot tub's water heater malfunctions, you will want to diagnose and correct the problem quickly. Watkins also provides a five year no-fault heater warranty when purchased from an authorized dealer, in case you need to have it serviced. (See References 2 & 3)

Clogged Filter Cartridge

  1. If your Watkins hot tub does not heat up, check for clogged filters by first tripping the two Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) breakers in the sub panel, which disconnects the spa. A clogged filter cartridge opens the integrated pressure switch, which causes the spa not to heat. (See Reference 1 pg 61, 65)

  2. Remove the filter compartment cover and set it aside carefully, and then remove any items you see floating in the filter compartment.

  3. Locate the filter retainer handle positioned on top of the filter cartridge and turn the handle to the left, or counterclockwise, until you can remove the retainer from the standpipe. Remove both the filter cartridge and the filter retainer.

  4. Clean the filter by soaking the filter in a filter degreaser according to the manufacturer's instructions. Remove the filter and place it on a clean surface. Spray the filter with a garden hose until clean while turning it to get rid of dirt and debris stuck in the filter pleats.

  5. Replace the filter cartridge and filter retainer, turning the filter retainer handle to the right, or clockwise, until secure, but not too tight.

  6. Replace the filter compartment cover, and then press the "Reset" button on the GFCI. The integrated pressure switch will reset itself as the water flows through the heater.

Plumbing Air Locks

  1. Disconnect your hot tub from the electrical power if your spa will not heat and the green 'ready' and blue 'power' lights are blinking. This means the circulation pump thermal cut-off has tripped because of an air lock in the plumbing lines. The water-cooled circulation pump provides filtration for your Watkins spa. (See Reference 1 pg 62)

  2. Wait for the circulation pump to cool down.

  3. Reconnect your hot tub after the pump has cooled. The circulation pump thermal cut-off will reset and begin to operate normally.

  4. Tip

    Call Watkins Manufacturing Corporation at 800-999-4688 extension 8432, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time if you need set-up or operation assistance with your spa. (See Reference 1 pg 63)