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How to Troubleshoot a Hotsprings Spa

Linda Cheshire

HotSprings Spas distributes a line of portable spas manufactured by Watkins Manufacturing Corporation. Portable spas are typically made of acrylic or thermoplastic and are not fixed to a location.

A properly functioning HotSprings spa can be relaxing.

While they still weigh up to a few hundred pounds empty, they can be transported unlike designs which are built into the ground. Portable spa owners can setup gazebos or decks around their portable spa for a more natural decor. Regular inspection and care of the spa can optimize its performance and durability.

  1. Check the power source if entire spa is inoperative. This may be due to the heater's high limit thermostat being tripped. Disconnect the power source from the spa. Wait 30 seconds and reset the heater high limit. The reset button is located in the equipment compartment. Plug the spa back into the power source.

  2. Check the circulation pump if the spa does not heat while jets and lights are working. This may be caused by the circulation pump thermal cut-off being tripped. Disconnect the power source from the spa. Allow the circulation pump to cool to pre-operating temperatures. The pump's thermal cut-off will reset automatically when it has cooled sufficiently. Plug the spa back into the power source.

  3. Clean the filter cartridge if the massage jet is weak or inoperative. Remove the filter cartridge from the filter compartment according to the vendor's specific model instructions. Spray each filter with a garden hose thoroughly while rotating it. The filters should be cleaned once a month.