How to Troubleshoot an Endless Summer Patio Heater

Patrick Nelson

Endless Summer patio heaters are manufactured by UniFlame Corporation. Patio Heaters are a good way to extend the usefulness of your yard. They use portable propane tanks for fuel and most problems related to Endless Summer patio heaters are related to empty tanks or problems distributing the propane to the burners.

Patio heaters are a good way to extend the usefulness of your yard.
  1. Look for signs of possible blockages. Signs include gas odor with an extreme yellow tipping of flame; the heater not reaching the temperature you desire; the heater glow being excessively even; and popping noises.

  2. Perform some basic maintenance. Clean the burner holes with a pipe-cleaner. Insects like to nest in the holes and can stop the heater working. Potentially, this can be quite dangerous and you should take care of this maintenance regularly. You can use compressed air to remove any small deposits—just make sure the heater is off.

  3. Pick the propane tank up and compare it to a full tank if the flame keeps going out, the pilot won’t light, or the burner flame is low. With some experience, you will be able to tell by the weight whether the tank is empty, but even without experience you should be able to gauge a significant reduction in propane within the tank.

  4. Use a full cylinder if the outside temperature is less than 40 degrees and the tank is a quarter full or less.

  5. Check the supply hose isn’t bent or kinked if the burner flame is low. Straighten the hose. Make sure the control knob is fully on too.

  6. Change the battery in the Endless Summer patio heater’s igniter if it fails to spark. You should hear it click if it works. If you don’t hear the click, unscrew the igniter just behind the red button. You’ll see a tube with the AA battery in it; replace the battery.