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How to Troubleshoot a Dynasty Spa Excalibur Series

Megan Martin

Dynasty Excalibur Series spas are some of the most-exceptional in terms of features. Topside control panels let you control your spa experience without moving. Spa filters are made of anti-microbial materials to reduce cleaning and some models are even equipped with waterfalls and mood lighting.

When problems arise that disrupt your end-of-the-day soak, they can ruin the moment. However, you can quickly and easily diagnose and fix most of the common problems that effect the efficiency of these spas.

Nevertheless, before trying to troubleshoot on your own, check the Excalibur spa's display for error messages. Follow the instructions on the screen.

Heating Problems

Problems With Dynasty Excalibur Series spas can be diagnosed at home.
  1. Reset the circuit-breaker if the spa water is not hot enough. Turn the breaker off and turn it on again. If this does not help, move on to step two.

  2. Clean the filter. Turn off power to the spa at the breaker. Pull the filter door toward the center of the spa, until the door opens completely. Clean the filter with a high-pressure garden hose or unscrew, remove and soak the filter cartridge in filter cartridge cleaner.

    Rinse the filter after cleaning. Place the cartridge back in the filter, tighten the screws and close the door. Turn the spa on. Wait 24 hours for the water to reach the proper temperature.

  3. If the spa water has still not warmed up to the desired temperature, you will have to move on to priming the pump. Turn off power to the spa at the breaker. Open the doors under the wooden spa skirt. Set the thermostat on the top side of the control panel to the desired temperature.

    Open the doors to the gate valves beneath the equipment pack if they are not already open. Fill the spa to the water line, just below the neck jets. Turn the power on. Turn the pump to the "Hi-Speed" setting. Wait one or two minutes for the pump to prime. Again, you will need to give the water about 24 hours for the temperature to adjust.

  4. Call an electrician if these steps do not improve the spa's water temperature. The power line to the spa may not be delivering the appropriate voltage. This electrical issue should be fixed by a professional.

Jet, Water Flow and Leak Problems

  1. Prime the pump if the jets will not turn on. Follow the instructions provided in step three above.

  2. Your next option is to open the gate valves. Open the doors under the spa. Open the gate valves by pulling the door open (if it is not already open).

  3. Clean the filter if only a small amount of water is flowing from the jets. Clean the filter cartridge as already described above.

  4. If the spa is leaking, tighten all the fittings. Hand-tighten all the joints and connections. Look for leaks in any pipes or surfaces and have them repaired as necessary.

Motor Problems

  1. If the spa motor is not working, plug the motor plug into the control panel. Push it in to secure it. Make sure all power switches are in the "on" position. Reset the circuit breaker.

  2. Examine the motor's impeller for obstructions. Remove any visible obstructions. If there are obstructions you cannot reach, call an authorized service technician to help you remove them. The technician will also be able to diagnose any other motor issues.

  3. Open all the valves if the motor is very hot. Clear the valves of any debris or obstructions. Call the dealer or service technician if this does not help.