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How to Operate a Catalina Spa

Daniella Lauren

Owning a spa provides you with an opportunity to relax and soothe aching muscles. Though many people own a spa, learning to operate one can take a few minutes. Learning about your Catalina spa can help you maximize your enjoyment and ensure that you do not damage the equipment through improper use. Failing to observe the guidelines listed in the owner's manual can result in damages not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

  1. Open the gate's valves. Two twist switches are underneath the spa skirt on the equipment pack. Pull handle up about 3-inches to ensure the water can flow through the pipes.

  2. Install the filter cartridge.

  3. Fill the spa at least halfway up the throat skimmer. You can fill the spa fully unless you want to wait until after you have checked the system.

  4. Purge air from the system. With pumps off, twist valves located on the pipes to release air in the pipes. Close the valves when water begins to leak out.

  5. Turn the pump on high. Run it for several minutes to ensure no air is in the system.

  6. Cycle through all the functions for the pumps. This will test the spa to ensure everything works. Additional features like the blower motor or mister also need testing at this time.

  7. Test the water with the test kit. This will indicate the amount of chemicals needed to operate the spa. An authorized Catalina spa dealer can also test the water for you and provide you with information on adding chemicals.

  8. Set the water temperature. Press the "Warm" or "Cool" button until you reach a desired temperature.