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How to Troubleshoot a Morgan Spa

Daniella Lauren

Morgan Spas claims it has the largest number and variety of spa jets for its hot tubs. Additionally, the company allows you to customize your spa to your needs, whether your hot tub use is primarily for hydrotherapy or enjoyment.

As with any other spa, Morgan Spas may require troubleshooting to correct any issues that prevent you from maximizing the spa’s benefits. A few basic steps will help you quickly diagnose your spa and take corrective actions that will return the unit to its normal working condition.

  1. Check to make sure the spa is receiving power. Make sure the breaker is on and the GFCI outlet does not need to be reset.

  2. Add water if the level is below the filter. Low water will prevent the spa from filtering, heating and pumping water through the jets.

  3. Clean the filter. An extremely dirty filter will restrict water flow in the tub and prevent the water cleaning process.

  4. Unclog the discharge and suction lines. Clogs can prevent water from flowing through your spa, thus reducing the effectiveness of its internal parts.

  5. Open the valves to ensure the maximum amount of water is coming out of the jets. You may also need to bleed air from the pump. Open the bleeder valve near the filter until water comes out.

  6. Review the control panel. Low water heat may require you to increase the spa’s temperature, change the mode from "Economy" to "Standard" or change other settings.


You may need to contact Morgan Spas if you cannot correct the issues with your spa even after following these basic diagnostic steps. A flashing triangle on the spa’s control panels can indicate the water temperature is too hot. The spa may go through a few internal steps to correct the problem, although you may need help from Morgan Spas.