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How to Troubleshoot a Noritz Water Heater

Meredith Jameson

The Noritz Corporation specializes in the manufacture of tankless water heaters for commercial and residential use.

Tankless water heaters provide hot water for faucets and appliances throughout a home or business, but unlike traditional water heaters, the water is heated and distributed on demand instead of maintaining a tank full of hot water at all times. Tankless water heaters offer reduced energy consumption and take up less space than traditional water heaters. If individuals experience difficulties with the Noritz tankless water heater, some troubleshooting efforts may help find the problem and possibly offer a resolution as well.

  1. Ensure the Noritz tankless hot water heater is connected to a working power supply and the power cord is firmly plugged into the unit if the device does not work. Look at the fuse or circuit breaker and replace as needed.

  2. Check to make sure the gas and water supply valves are completely open if the unit has power but is not heating as expected. Ensure the power button is in the "On" position.

  3. Clean the filter if the water heater does not ignite as expected when water is running. Close the water supply valve and open all hot water faucets. Set a bucket under the tank and open the drain plugs, allowing water to drain into the bucket. Remove the water drain valve and unscrew the filter out of the inlet. Clean the filter with clean water and a soft brush. Re-insert the filter into the inlet and replace into the unit. Close the drain plugs and close all of the hot water faucets. Open the water supply valve.

  4. Change the water temperature on the thermostat if the water is too hot or too cold. Use the arrow buttons to increase or decrease the set temperature, and allow at least one hour for the temperature change to take effect.

  5. Open more than one hot water faucet if the water runs cold when the first hot water fixture is opened. This will allow a greater amount of water to pass through the unit.