Instructions for Noritz Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

Daniel Barrows

Noritz produces a line of tankless water heaters designed for use with a gas or propane connection. It is important to perform certain maintenance tasks on your water heater to keep it in proper working condition.

These tasks consist of regular inspection and cleaning of the device, with special attention paid to its water drain valve.


Periodic inspections of your Noritz water heater are essential for proper maintenance. Examine the area around the heater for combustible materials such as newspaper, cardboard, chemicals or laundry. Clear away any such materials you find. Examine the exhaust vent and air inlet for any dust, soot or other debris that may have accumulated, restricting the air flow that the device requires. Check the pipes for leaks and confirm that the pressure release valve is working properly. Examine the water heater for any discolorations or anything that seems out of the ordinary; similarly, listen for any unusual sounds coming from the device.


Keep the water heater clean using a combination of warm water and a mild detergent. Avoid alcohol-, benzene-, oil- or fat-based detergents. Use a clean, lint-free cloth to wipe down the heater's exterior. You may also clean the heater's remote control in a similar fashion. Avoid applying water directly to the heater or its remote control.

Water Drain Valve

Periodically check the water heater's water drain valve/filter to keep grime and debris from building up. Otherwise, your hot water may cease to flow properly or will flow at a lower temperature than desired. To do this, turn off the device and allow it to cool. Use the power button on the heater's remote control. This will help you avoid burning yourself as you work.

Once the heater is cool enough to work around, turn the water supply valve (the metal lever located midway down the center pipe) 90 degrees counterclockwise. This will turn off the water supply. Turn on all the hot water taps inside your house until the residual hot water drains completely. Place a bucket under the inlet and outlet drains. Remove the plugs from the drains and allow the water within to drain into the bucket.

Examine the leftmost pipe under the water heater. Find and remove the water drain valve from the inlet at the top of the pipe. Rinse the valve off under cool water and brush away any grime or debris that may have accumulated. Replace the valve into its inlet. Reinsert the plugs into the inlet and outlet drains. Confirm that you have turned off all the hot water taps inside your house. Return the water supply valve to its original position. Check that the heater is not leaking water. Use the remote control to restore power to the device.