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How to Troubleshoot a PowerStar Electric On Demand Water Heater

Meredith Jameson

PowerStar electric on-demand water heaters hang on the wall and heat water on demand, as opposed to keeping a large tank of water warm on a constant basis. The water heaters feature an electronic flow switch, a filter screen on the water inlet, flow sensor, brass fittings, external temperature control, thermal cut-out and a 10-year limited warranty. Problems that arise with the water heater can potentially be resolved through some troubleshooting by the user.

Hot water heaters provide warm water to showers and other applianaces in a home.
  1. Verify that the PowerStar water heater is connected to an electrical supply if it is not operating. Reset or replace the fuse or circuit breaker if needed.

  2. Connect the water supply firmly to the blue water inlet -- not the water heater outlet -- if there is no hot water from the unit. Ensure both hot and cold water faucets are turned on.

  3. Turn off and unplug the water heater if there is only cold water. Open the access panel and push the button on the top of the heater module. Close the access panel and restore power.

  4. Turn the thermostat knob to a higher setting if the water is cold and the neon indicator light is on. Turn the water flow down slightly by adjusting the faucet.

  5. Open all inlet shut-off valves if the water flow seems low. Avoid using many hot water appliances at the same time.

  6. Contact an authorized service center for any additional assistance as needed.