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How to Get Masking Tape Off Ceramic Tile

Bryant Harland

Everyone has been there, examining a stretch of material only to find a line of masking tape across it that is stuck fast. With ceramic tile, there is the added worry of not wanting to damage the tile while removing the tape. There are several ways to remove masking tape, but not all of them are safe for the underlying material. For ceramic tile, not only is there a simple way to remove masking tape without damaging the tile, but also to get rid of that sticky residue that is always left over.

Removing Masking Tape And Residue

  1. Soak a cloth in warm water. Wring it out a little, but not so much that there is barely any moisture left.

  2. Slowly rub the cloth over the masking tape. The mixture of water and heat should loosen the adhesive.

  3. Peel the masking tape off using your fingers. If there are any remaining small pieces, they should come loose while you are removing the sticky residue left by the masking tape.

  4. Wipe adhesive remover over the area to remove any sticky residue. Some scrubbing may be necessary.