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How to Troubleshoot a Paloma Tankless Water Heater Model PTG-74PVN-1

Meredith Jameson

The Paloma PTG-74PVN-1 is a tankless hot water heating system for residential use that supports two or three simultaneous showers or hot-water appliances. The hot water heater offers a condensed design, waterproof digital remote, an energy rating of nearly 85 percent, various venting options, and a limited warranty on parts and the heat exchanger. If you experience problems with the hot water heater, however, troubleshooting techniques may prove helpful in solving the problem without the need for service.

  1. Plug the Paloma water heater into a functional electrical supply if it shows no sign of power. Reset or replace the circuit breaker or fuse as needed.

  2. Inspect the water shutoff valve, located at the rear of the hot water heater, and open it completely (counterclockwise) if the water heater doesn't supply enough hot water. Also open the hot water faucet completely. Note that using more than two hot-water appliances at the same time might result in low water supply.

  3. Turn the main switch to "On" or use the remote control to turn the water heater "On." Increase the temperature on the thermostat to a warmer temperature if the water seems too cool.

  4. Disconnect power to the hot water heater and switch it "Off" before removing the protective cover. Check the water inlet filter, located at the hose connection to the water heater, and clean debris or dirt from the filter if the water heater isn't operating as expected or the temperature fluctuates.

  5. Let the hot water flow for a few minutes if the water seems too hot at first. Lower the thermostat setting to a cooler temperature if the problem persists and ensure the water shutoff valve is open fully.