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Ruud Silhouette II Troubleshooting

Meredith Jameson

The Ruud Silhouette II is a gas furnace with energy efficiency between 70 and 100 percent and offers a two-stage gas valve. The furnace is sold in downflow, upflow or horizontal models to fit into most installation spaces and is sold with a limited warranty.

This warranty may be useful if major problems arise that require repair, but homeowners who try some troubleshooting methods when minor issues arise may find that a service call is not necessary.

  1. Connect the electrical cord on the Ruud furnace firmly to a power outlet if nothing on the furnace will work. Check the fuse or circuit breaker and replace or reset as needed.

  2. Find the gas valve, usually in the rear of the furnace, and turn it on all the way if there is no heat.

  3. Turn the power on the furnace to “On” and set the thermostat to a point warmer than the ambient temperature if the furnace is connected to a working electrical supply but is not functioning or warming as anticipated. Check the access panel and close the panel firmly if it is open.

  4. Clear the return-air grilles in the home if the furnace is operating constantly or is not warming the home as expected. Wipe down the vents and grilles on the furnace and clear the space around the unit to keep the airflow unobstructed.

  5. Remove power from the furnace and take the filter out. Clean the filter with a vacuum or cold, soapy water and dry before putting the filter back in the furnace. Push the red “Reset” button on the control panel before restoring power.

  6. Contact Ruud for any additional assistance as necessary.