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How to Troubleshoot Arcoaire Furnaces

Meredith Jameson

Arcoaire furnaces are residential heaters that offer a variety of features, including two-stage gas valves and induced draft blower assemblies, stainless steel heat exchangers, variable speed motors, insulated thermal cabinets and electronic control panels.

In some cases, if your Arcoaire furnace malfunctions, you'll need to enlist the aid of a professional service technician, But some problems you can fix yourself. Before calling a pro, undertake a few troubleshooting steps to determine what's wrong and potentially fix it with relative ease.

  1. Ensure that the Arcoaire furnace is connected to a power supply if the unit is not operational. If the furnace is already plugged into a power outlet, check the fuse or circuit breaker and replace or reset as needed.

  2. Pull away any objects that may be obstructing the vents and grilles on the furnace if the furnace motor is running constantly but the heat does not seem adequate. Also remove objects in front of or on top of the air registers in the home.

  3. Inspect the gas valve to make sure it is turned on if there is no heat but the furnace is connected to the power supply and the power switch is turned on.

  4. Turn off the furnace and disconnect the power cord if the furnace is not providing enough hot air for the home. Open the main panel on the front of the furnace and remove the filter. Wash the filter with dish-washing liquid and cold water. Let the filter dry before putting it back into the furnace, closing the access door firmly when complete. The furnace will not work if the access door is not closed firmly.

  5. Contact Arcoaire if the above steps do not resolve the issue at hand.