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How to Troubleshoot a Jacuzzi J365

Vanessa Ryan

Jacuzzi is a company that pioneered the hot tub industry, according to the company website. The concept of the Jacuzzi tub stemmed from a pump that Jacuzzi invented that could move water with water. The J365 home Jacuzzi is a large tub that seats 6 to 7 adults, has 32 jets and a 500-gallon water volume. Jacuzzi is a dependable name in the hot tub world, but when minor problems do arise, you can attempt to troubleshoot before arranging a service call.

  1. Remove the spa cover and allow the water to cool down or set to Economy mode if you receive an "OH" message in the display. This indicates the water is too hot.

  2. Press down the "JET" button if the lights in the Jacuzzi are on but the pump is not working. Contact the dealer if you hear a buzzing noise or nothing at all when you try to turn it on.

  3. Remove the filter cartridge located at the side waterfall and place a hose in the fitting if your motor is operating but there is no flow from the jets. Seal the hose by wrapping a rag around the end and run it on full for 30 seconds to prime the pump.

  4. Inspect the jet pump to ensure it is on high speed if you are getting poor jet action in the tub. Also, open the air control, adjust the water level or inspect the filter cartridges for dirt.

  5. Check the thermostat setting to ensure it is at the right level and keep the cover on if you have no heat. Contact the dealer if the "heater on" light is on but you have no heat.