How to Build Fairy Castles in Your Garden

Fairy castles or fairy houses enhance flower, bush and herb gardens. Place fairy castles and houses under bushes and shrubs, in the midst of flowers or even hidden in the roots of a tree. Anywhere you go, fairy castles and fairy houses can grow.

Nature supplies fairy castle and house building materials.

Simple to create, this is a garden project that children of all ages enjoy. Once complete, fairy castles bring years of joy as they weather and change with the seasons.

Castle Construction

    Fairy houses fit nicely among the roots of an old tree.
  1. Lay the foundation and walls of your castle or house by piling rocks or twigs on top of each other to form the shape of the building.

  2. Line the floor of your structure with small moss-covered rocks to create the look of a rug.

  3. Place sticks or reeds across the top of the walls to form the roof rafters.

  4. Feathers make light roofing material.
  5. Cover the rafters of your structure with bark, feathers or grasses to make a roof.

  6. Place seashells or dried flowers around the edges of your structure as decoration. Small light objects like dried flowers balance easily on the roof or window edges. Place heavier decorative objects on solid surfaces.

  7. Build a path by lining pine cones from the entrance of the structure out approximately 12 inches.

  8. Sprinkle seeds inside the pine cone path for gravel.

Interior Decorating

  1. Place small rocks inside your structure to serve as chairs and a table.

  2. Turn acorn caps upside down on the rock table to make little bowls.

  3. Tie tiny flowers like forget-me-nots with a bit of sting to form a bouquet. Place it inside the structure.

  4. Hang dried leaves as window treatments. Attach them to the walls by weaving in the stem.

  5. Tip

    Fairies are small; make your fairy castle accordingly. Fairy castles are best when they are not obvious. A slightly hidden spot such as under a bush or among the flowers in a garden bed makes a good location. Fairy houses hide well among the roots of trees, also.


    Never disturb the natural setting when creating a fairy castle or fairy house.
    Do not use artificial or man-made materials. Fairy castles usually last a single season, unless protected from the elements.