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How to Build a Fake Rock Waterfall

Lenna  Allen

Adding a decorative waterfall to the back yard can create a whole new ambience, and is especially nice for the spring and summertime. Waterfall kits are available, but with the right materials, preparation and a little hard work, a do-it-yourself waterfall made from fake rock can be constructed in a single day.

Waterfills add beauty to your back yard.
  1. Dig a hollow into the ground for the catchment pond of your waterfall---1 foot deep should suffice. Create a channel about an inch wide in the side of the pond hollow, near the area where the waterfall is to be. This will hold the pump hose, and carry the water unseen from the pond to the waterfall top.

  2. Line the hollow with the pond liner, covering the edges with river stones. Make sure that the hose channel is still accessible.

  3. Lay the water pump hose in the channel and lead it to where the pump will be.

  4. Lay the larger fake rocks on the bottom of where the waterfall will be, on the edge of the pond. One or two larger rocks around the pond will also add a natural look.

  5. Affix the pump to the hose at the back of the waterfall base, with the hose for the waterfall attached. Continue laying stones to build up the waterfall, threading the waterfall hose up through the waterfall rocks as you go. Lay stones in a lateral manner, so the waterfall won't look like simply a vertical pile of stones.

  6. Place the garden hose where the waterfall hose comes out and turn the water on to test the water flow. Rearrange any rocks that are creating an obstacle for the aesthetic flow of the waterfall, or if the water is not flowing into the catchment pond.

  7. Cement any unsteady rocks into place once the desired waterfall effect has been achieved. Follow the directions of the cement manufacturer for mixing instructions and drying time.

  8. Fill the catchment pond with water, and switch the pump on.