Landscaping Uses for Broken Bricks

Alexis Lawrence

When you are working with bricks, it is likely that you will find a few chipped among those you purchase or break a few in the process of laying a wall or similar structure. Broken bricks can not only be unsightly, but can also create structural issues if used in a wall or structure that must hold weight. You can find several uses for broken bricks in your landscaping, though.

Retaining Walls and Raised Beds

If you would like to create a raised flower bed or garden in your landscape, use bricks to build the perimeter for the bed. If you already have a garden wall in place, along which you would like to place a bed, build the retaining walls out from the garden wall with the bricks. When dealing with broken bricks, hide the broken areas by pointing the sides with the damage inward on the wall. Once you fill the raised bed or retaining walls with soil, the broken brick edges are hidden.


Like paving stones or blocks, bricks can be used to create your landscape walkways. You can create these brick walkways by digging a path deep enough to accommodate the depth of the bricks and burying the majority of the bricks underground. If you situate bricks so that the broken sections are on the bottom, the sand or gravel you push in around the bricks once the walkway is laid hides the broken pieces much like the soil in a raised plant bed.

Plant Borders

Create borders around plants that you would like to draw emphasis to in your landscape with broken bricks. You can lay the bricks out in any manner that you find attractive, but, often, bricks are partially buried with a portion sticking up out of the ground to create a decorative border, which makes it easy to hide broken bricks beneath the ground as in a walkway.

Make Gravel

Create gravel with broken bricks if you would like to decorate with gravel or use gravel as mulch around cacti and other plants. The chisel side of a brick hammer can be used to break bricks into small pieces, which can be used as gravel in plant beds, walkways or in ponds.